Friday, November 10, 2006

Well, when in Rome...

I have been upstate for almost two months now. I am still looking for a job (it's kind of frustrating so far), but am hopeful that I will find something soon.

Either way, I am taking the GRE on Saturday 11/11. It will either help me or hurt me on my college applications. I'm hoping I'll do okay... I have to remember lots of geometry and algebra I haven't thought about in an awful long time!

I wanted to put in some semi-recent pics of Cory and Camryn. These are from the Pumpkin Festival here. It snowed later in the day! (ack!) The snow only lasted a few minutes, but it was there. It has snowed a couple of times since then. I guess I need to buck up and accept it!

Well, it's quite late here now, and I'm thinking I need to get to bed! Catch you all later!

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